September 20

About The Mole Man

I never know what to write in the “about me” section. I never thought the subject matter is fascinating and don’t like talking about myself.  So I will give it a shot.

My name is Chris I am the father of 2 awesomely crazy boys and married to an incredibly hot nurse, every guy’s fantasy, right?  I grew up in a small city called Valparaiso, Indiana, about 45 minutes east of Chicago, where I worked as an EMT and Volunteer Firefighter until I moved here. I have been here (outside of Phoenix, AZ) for eight years.  I love the outdoors and cooking, am a huge Chicago Cubs and Bears fan, and love getting into trouble with my boys.

Not sure what else more you want to know but feel free to ask my email is

You can also goof around on Twitter with me if you like @chrismoleman

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Chris The Mole Man